Trails & Bike Lanes

Mountain View Corridor (MVC) features 17 miles of biking and walking trails that run the entire length of the current roadway in Salt Lake County, with 9 miles of striped bike lanes from Redwood Road to Old Bingham Highway. In the future, the bike lanes will remain in place because that section of roadway will become the frontage road for the future freeway. Bike lanes cannot be constructed north of Old Bingham Highway because that section of roadway was built to function as outside lanes for the future freeway.

There are designated parking locations for the Mountain View Corridor Trail. View the interactive map for specific trail parking locations.

Bike Boxes & Pedestrian Underpass

As a way to improve roadway, bicycle and pedestrian safety, UDOT has constructed bike boxes and a pedestrian underpass at 2100 N. and Redwood Road.

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