S.R. 201 Access Changes
Lane closures on S.R. 201 will continue while crews are working in the area.
Mountain View Corridor Bridge buildingMountain View Corridor Bridge building
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4100 South to 3500 South Pedestrian Routes
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Photo simulation of the future Mountain View Corridor at S.R. 201 (subject to change)

Mountain View Corridor Salt Lake County

Construction Timeline:
Mountain View Corridor Timeline
Construction Work Progress:

New Construction Activities:

S.R. 201

As construction continues on S.R. 201, lane shifts are projected to begin February 23 for westbound lanes and February 24 for eastbound lanes between 5600 West and Bangerter Highway (UT-154). Both shifts are projected to last for one day. Please use caution when traveling in this area.

​Construction activities are weather permitting and are subject to change.

Ongoing Construction Activities:

Cilma Drive Opening

The new Cilma Drive bridge over Mountain View Corridor is now open to vehicles. Motorists may notice the new speed bumps that have been constructed on both sides of the new bridge. Please view the attached map of the new road and existing pedestrian routes in the area.

California Avenue

Traffic shifts on California Avenue between 5600 West and the Salt Lake County Landfill are now occurring. This shift is expected to go through February 2021.

Canal Trail

The canal trail north of 4100 South will be closed during the entire duration of construction. Please use the sidewalks on 4100 South.

Legacy View Street

A new access at 1100 South has been constructed to connect Legacy View Street to 5600 West. The access to Legacy View Street from California Avenue has now been closed and motorists will now use 1100 South off 5600 West to access the businesses on Legacy View Street. View the attached map of the new access to Legacy View Street.

Mountain View Corridor Trail

The portion of the new Mountain View Corridor multi-use trail from 4100 South to S.R. 201 is currently under construction. While under construction, the trail is not open to pedestrians and cyclists.

1730 South/S.R. 201 Northwest Frontage Road

The existing S.R. 201 northwest frontage road access has been closed and the newly constructed 1730 South is the permanent frontage road access from 5600 West. View the map showing the new frontage road access.

As construction continues on 1730 South, one-way flagging and lane shifts may occur in this area through spring 2021. Please use caution when traveling in the area.

2100 South

Utility work near the intersection of 2100 South and the Northwest Frontage Road of S.R. 201 requires the temporary closure of 2100 South from approximately 6000 West to 6400 West. The closure is expected to last through Spring 2021. View the map showing the new traffic movement.

2400 South/S.R. 201 Southwest Frontage Road

A portion of the S.R. 201 South Frontage road is now closed and has been re-aligned. The re-aligned frontage road now connects to 5600 West at 2400 South. View the map showing the new traffic movement.

2700 South

As construction continues on 2700 South, lane restrictions may occur intermittently through Spring 2021 on 2700 South between Jacketta Lane and Anna Caroline Drive/Glen Eagle Drive. Please use caution when traveling in this area.

3100 South

Lane restrictions between Burdock Drive and Glen Eagle Drive will occur intermittently through spring 2021 as bridge work continues on 3100 South. Please use caution in the area.

3500 South

Utility work will continue on the north and south sides of 3500 South from 5600 West to 5450 West.

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus stops on 3500 South between 6000 West and 5450 West may be impacted during construction through 2020. Please check your bus stop for more information.

Traffic patterns have shifted on 3500 South between 5450 West and 6000 West to complete work on widening the roadway. Please use delineated accesses when entering and exiting businesses and residences in this area to avoid driving through the work zone.

The south sidewalk on 3500 South from 6000 West to Hunter Park is closed for concrete work. This closure is projected to continue through February 2021. Pedestrian access to Hunter Park and Whittier Elementary will be maintained during this closure. East/west travel will be maintained on the new sidewalk on the north side of 3500 South. The attached map will direct you to the pedestrian detour route during the closure.

4100 South to 3500 South Pedestrian Routes

Please follow this link to view all the current pedestrian routes from 3500 South to 4100 South.

4100 South to S.R. 201

Night work is expected to occur intermittently in this area during the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. through spring 2021.

Please contact the project team for more details.

4100 South North Sidewalk

The sidewalk on the north side of 4100 South is temporarily closed as crews work to connect the open portion of the Mountain View Corridor to the new portion. The sidewalk closure is from the pedestrian bridge at the Mountain View Corridor intersection to 5600 West and is anticipated to last through Spring 2021. Pedestrians can use the pedestrian bridge and the crosswalk at the 4100 South 5600 West intersection to access the sidewalk on the south side of 4100 South.

MVC: 4100 South to 2700 South

Construction crews continue heavy construction on the UDOT property between 4100 South and 2700 South. PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE CONSTRUCTION ZONE.

Night work is expected to occur intermittently in this area through 2021.

Hauling activities will continue. Haul trucks will enter and exit the construction zone off 4100 South and will cross local streets. On 3500 South, 2700 South and 3100 South haul trucks will yield to traffic unless flaggers are present. Please do not follow construction vehicles into the work zones. The north sidewalk on 3500 South and 3100 South will continue to be closed for construction operations. Please continue to use the south sidewalk on 3100 South. Hauling activities are projected to continue through fall 2020.

5600 West (at S.R. 201)

Construction progress requires lane shifts on 5600 West between 1730 South and 2400 South. This shift is expected to go through fall 2020. Refer to the attached map to view the traffic shifts. Please use caution when traveling in this area.

In coordination with the 5600 West Improvement Project between S.R. 201 and I-80, lane restrictions on 5600 West over S.R. 201 are currently in place. For questions and updates on their construction activities, please contact or 855-663-6800.

Lester Drive/5700 West and 2400 South

The current configuration of 2400 South is temporary in order to accommodate frontage road traffic while crews build the new 2400 South bridge over the new Mountain View Corridor. Due to safety concerns for traffic accessing 2400 South to and from Lester Street/5700 West, this connection is temporarily closed. Once the bridge is built and 2400 South is in its final configuration, the connection of 2400 South and Lester Street/5700 West will reopen. Please do not move traffic control devices (orange barrels and signs) to access 2400 South from Lester Street/5700 West.  These devices are critical for the safety of motorists and our construction crews. Contact our project team with any questions regarding access to 2400 South.

S.R. 201

Lane restrictions for both westbound and eastbound lanes adjacent to the 5600 West bridge are projected through spring 2021. Please use caution when traveling in this area.

S.R. 201 Southeast Frontage Road

The southeast frontage road between 5600 West and 5370 West is closed.

Westbound motorists will now stop at 5370 West, turn left (south to 2400 South, and turn right (west) to access 5600 West.

Drivers wanting to go eastbound will need to turn east onto 2400 South off 5600 West then turn left (north) to 5370 West to access the S.R. 201 Frontage Road. This detour will stay in place through spring 2021. Please see flyer for more information and detour routes.

S.R. 201 Northeast Frontage Road

Utility work will continue on the S.R.  201 Northeast Frontage Road. Motorists can expect intermittent traffic shifts and shoulder closures between 5600 West and 5200 West through 2020. The bike lanes on this frontage road will be detoured to 1730 South. See attached map for the bike detour. Please follow detour signs. The bike lane detour will be in place through fall 2020.

S.R. 201 Westbound on-ramp

The existing westbound on-ramp from 5600 West to S.R. 201 is closed. The new westbound access from 5600 West to S.R. 201 is now via the new 1730 South frontage road. See attached map showing the new traffic movement. 

S.R. 201 Westbound Off-Ramp

The westbound off-ramp of S.R. 201 at 5600 West (Exit 11) is now restored to its original and permanent configuration. Please follow signs and use caution when traveling in the area. Please view the attached map of the permanent traffic configuration in this area.

S.R. 201 New Eastbound Ramps

The eastbound temporary off and on ramps of S.R. 201 at 5600 West (Exit 11) have closed and the new permanent ramps are now open. View the attached map of the new ramp configuration. 

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